The Real Connection Tour

Thursday, 20 Oct 2022

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Narromine USMC

Bruno Efoti

0423 432 341

The Real Reconnections Tour has been kindly funded by the FRRR’s “In a good place” funding program. The purpose of these events, is not only to raise awareness of good mental health but also to build healthy connected communities. The last couple years has been a very difficult time for everyone. The flow on effect has brought a sense of instability, fear and disconnection in families and communities Through these events we want to be able to promote a new level of hope and assurance that we can begin to recover that which has been lost. On 20th of October we will visit Narromine for an evening event..These events are opened to the wider community to attend. Everyone is welcome to join us, have a feed and a chat.. There will be a yarn on how to give yourself and others the best support to navigate difficult times.